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Winetrip in Piedmont - iat your home or in your office

Item No.: PiemonteTasting
Due to Corona everything will be performed by streaming
Wine tasting "Journey through Piedmont"
Number of people: at least 12 people
Timing: duration 2 1/2 hours
Included: glasses, bread or grissini, presentation material, bundle of work, all necessary materials belonging to a wine degustation, transport costs, presence 1 hour in advance for construction.
Building wine tasting: minimal toplevel Barolo, Barbaresco and the rest of the wines in consultation
The autumn is the perfect season to experience Piedmont, on the spot with white truffles and with typical wines such as Barolo, Barbaresco, and the Nebbiolo, but not everyone can just relax in these months September-October-November. So we make sure that Piëmont comes to you.
How do we do this: Piedmont in Belgium and the Netherlands
Karina Imschoot, since 2006 partly, and 2012 permanently in Piedmont - so almost full time - is of course the excellent reference to use her training sommelier in Turin to recover the wines from Piedmont in an interesting storytelling. More than the traditional importer she has finished the stories of what is really "life".
As a resident in Piedmont, Karina Imschoot has experienced all facets of life and thus ensures that wine tasting is not only the technical diagrams and practice of wine tasting but also storytelling of real life in Piedmont.
A perfect qualitative tasting but with that extra touch of a local, first Barbarese (resident Barbaresco), then Cherachese (resident Cherasco).
Piedmont: 8 car toto wines in tasting with fascinating reviews of life as it is for a vintner
The contrast between both locations already offers a story of format: social life, the way the population differs with a distance of only 18 km between the two. You get a glimpse of the real Piedmont. Not what journalists tell, both about life time and about wines, but just the Piedmont as it is. The journalistic approach which is usually far from my bed show but just direct interviews with winemakers.
No frills, without the commercial world of awards, without journalistic reviews with or without financial input from the wine domains themselves but "Piëmont behind the scenes": just how it should be done. The hard work of the vintner, his passion every day for the work in the vineyards, four seasons and his creativity, his vision and inventiveness in relation to climate warming, are solutions for the fact that fewer and fewer Piemontesen themselves wanting to work in the vineyard and the need for foreign workers, are problems with the incomprehension of the administrative services that detect undeclared work with helicopters and any family member who participates in the harvest that is subjected to a series of administrative documents.
Piedmont, with its autocono wines that you will taste. Just think of the famous Arneis, but also the Nas-Cëtta called the white barolo by the locals. Think of the Ruchè from Asti, the Grignolino from Monferrato, Freisa, but also from the traditional wines that many have already tasted, Barbera, Nebbiolo, Barbaresco, Barolo. All wines pass by at our wine tasting. Book your autumn dinner with your colleagues, friends, family!
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Winetrip in Piedmont - iat your home or in your office

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