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La Montagnetta

La Montagnetta

Situated in Triversa Valley on the sunny slopes of Asti’s Northern hills, this small business is run and owned by Domenico Capello. Set on fifteen hectares of land, ten of which are vineyards .The surrounding area includes the municipalities of Roatto, S. Paolo Solbrito and Piovà Massaia,

La Montagnetta is now a well-known specialist in the production of Fresia and has in recent years, through a series of studies and conducted experiments , made it possible to show how a high degree of maturity results in an unexpected enological quality from the grape.

We are located in a picturesque farming community (22 kilometres from Asti) in the north of Asti hills. Here, after visiting our cellar in Bricco Capello, you can finish of the day with a stroll around the nearby village of Roatto, with its medieval castle, tower and surrounding park or visit the churches of Saint Michael or Radegonda.

A brief history of ‘La Montagnetta; In 1996 I decided to become a winemaker investing in the small property left to me by my grandfather, pledging to carry on an important stage of cultivating our ancient vine (the first documentation of which dates back to the sixteenth century). Deeply connected to the Piedmontese enology, Freisa is the protagonist of our vine in the land North of Asti (as in Chieri) where it flourishes in abundance.

Freisa can be a sweet, lively or sparkling wine, whose versatility is more than capable of satisfying every palate. After two decades, my dream of giving a voice and status to those wines that best express the relationship with its place of provenance and convey to tourists and consumers the values that these wines exhibit has been perfectly achieved…..


… This has been the focus of our attention, as a secular historical legacy of our territory. In the past, this vine was widespread in Piedmont, but it was gradually abandoned because of its characteristics, which make it difficult to produce. Through our efforts and our love and passion for this wine together with years of research (over the years we have developed an experimental program in collaboration with the University of Turin’s Agricultural faculty) we have been able to achieve amazing results.

Freisa with its versatility allows us to obtain fragrant wines with good body, which impress with their elegance and complexity…

Domenico Capello, firma