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Vignetti Repetto

Vignetti Repetto

Where wine meets the horizon

The company covers 15 hectares located between 240 and 320 m in height: the excellent exposure and the calcareous clay soils are the strong point for a quality production.

In Sarezzano, in the Tortona hills, on the Unesco Belvedere Tortona slope Sarezzano in the east of Piedmont, a new wine project is born which aims to combine technology and eco-sustainability.

The protagonists of this adventure are Gian Paolo Repetto and his wife Marina.

Gian Paolo, born of a family of farmers and raised in the countryside, initially decided to devote himself to his passion for mechanics and technology by founding a company operating in the sectors of plastics and metal processing.

The values acquired during his youth in the countryside and shared by his wife, such as the ability to solve problems and the sense of community, have never ceased to remind him of his deep love for the land.

The call of home and the unique charm of the Tortona hills, where the vineyards touch the horizon, have done the rest: nature and technology, first two sides of the same coin, now find the perfect synthesis in Vigneti Repetto, which aims to use the most modern techniques to reduce the use of sulphites and harmful products in cultivation and cellar techniques and reach a technologically advanced and sustainable agriculture.

The territory


This is not just a land: it is home. The pure air, the temperate climate, the fertile soil and, above all, the love of the men who cultivate it make these hills truly unmatched in the province of Alessandria, on the border with Lombardy and Liguria, devoted to viticulture and fruit farming. .

The Tortona hills, in the shadow of Mount Giarolo, are composed of the Curone, Grue, Ossona, Borbera and Spinti valleys. Among the typical products, in addition to wine, there are porcini mushrooms, white and black truffles, Montèbore cheese (slow food garrison) and Nobile del Giarolo salami, to be enjoyed between a ride on the streets of Fausto Coppi, the Campionissimo, and a visit to the Pellizza da Volpedo Museum to admire the "Fourth State" and other works known throughout the world.