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Cantina Del Signore - La Crota - Croste della Sesia DOC - Spanna 2016

Item No.: CantinaDelSignoreCrotta2016

Colour:  Ruby red coloured turning to a brick shade when aged

Grape: Nebbiolo,  called “Spanna” in Alto Piemonte

Profile:  The denomination Coste della Sesia belongs to a special area at the beginning of Valsesia in Nord west of Piedmont, which is located on the right and left banks of the Sesia river, which streams from Monte Rosa. “Spanna” is the local name for Nebbiolo. A lot of this wine reminds the more noble Gattinara: the ruby red colour, the fine flowers and fruited perfume, the dry and the full-bodied flavour. The lower alcohol gradation and a shorter ageing make it a simpler and easily drinkable wine.
It is dedicated to the wine cellars in Gattinara (“Crotta” in Gattinara’s dialect  means “wine cellar”), which co Minimum ageing 6 months in oak barrels, minimum 6 months ageing in bottle.

Nose: Fine, with notes of small red fruits

Taste:  Dry, full bodied with typical Nebbiolo flavour

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