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oberto Voerzio - Barolo DOCG “Sarmassa di Barolo” 2012 Magnum -

Item No.: RobertoVoerrzioSarmassa
Roberto Voerzio
Minimum number of bottles for your this product: 6 
Colour: Dark ruby red, concentrated, with light garnet reflections.
Composition: 100% Nebbiolo
Category: Nebbiolo - Barolo 
Profile: Coming from the parcel of the same name facing south in the municipality of La Morra, Sarmassa is a Barolo of great taste density, as elegant as it is three-dimensional in its impact. A real champion, the result of a long maturation in barriques and a short maturation in the bottle. The Barolo DOCG "Sarmassa di Barolo" by Roberto Voerzio is a label that is part of the myth, which has marked the recent history of Barolo and the entire production of Roberto Voerzio.
Aroma: The nose expresses an olfactory profile of great width and compactness, balsamic notes open for hints of cocoa, chocolate, liquorice, red fruit jam, oriental spices.
Flavour: The palate is full, round, warm, warm, persuasive and firm at the same time. Harmonious and balanced, finishing of great perseverance.
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