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L"Astemia Pentita - Barolo Cannubi 2014

Item No.: GiftDealastBAROCANN
L"Astemia Pentita

Colour: ruby red with orange reflections

Composition: 100% Nebbiolo

Category: Barolo DOCG

Profile: the vineyard with a southern to south-eastern exposure is located at an altitude of 220 metres above sea level. The fermentation lasts for 30-35 days. The wine ages for 36 months in large oak barrels, then in the bottle for 24 months. It is perfectly suited as a storage wine. The suggested serving temperature is 16-18°C.

Color: Ruby color of good intensity, with orange nuances, pleasant.
Nose: The nose is rich in fruity notes (small black fruits, ripe) with pleasant hourly intrusions linked to the rose, leather and truffles.
Taste: The palate is firm and decisive, almost scurvy, but then the sweet character of the year comes out and
Even the tannins are smoothed out. Long potential 

Alcohol content: 14%

Extra information: 


The name Cannubi, driven by its undoubted excellence of the grapes and of the wines produced along that long hill that rises to the Barolo village, is being renowned for almost three centuries but probably the fame and the shine belong to the earlier times. The contemporary story of the Cannubi indissolubly connected with the Barolo, starts in the rst part of the 1800 with the Marquise Giulia Colbert Falletti who initiates the production of the dry Nebbiolo, with the long maceration and destined for the long period of aging, made by bordeaux style. This hill had given birth to many great names and has become an actual asset of about 30 winemakers making the extraordinary Barolo wines from more than 38 ha.


The vineyards in the property of the L’’Astemia pentita are situated in the initial part of the Cannubi wedged between two roads that rise to the Barolo village, with the south and south east exposition. Altimetrically this is the lowest part of the Cannubi hill but the nature of the present terroir together with the exposition give us the wines of the good body , elegant and with the pleasantly rm tannins.

Wine: The Barolo born from these vineyards has the characteristics that reveal its origin , that have the rich and the intense bouquet and the body that always plays its great balance. That wine is allocated to those wines of the Barolo that stand out for its elegance instead of the wines of the power. The ruby color with the garnet intense reections is vivid and brilliant, the bouquet is full of the sensations of red fruit and spicy notes hardly balsamic. In general the Barolo Cannubi makes it wait for some minute before showing its value but then its marvelous tannins are being revealed balanced with its full body that you could appreciate in the rst years of the evolution. The important character is the potetial to the aging, always quite long

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