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Paride Chiovii - Eros 2018

Vineyard: in the town of Sizzano, Vernazzole region, vineyard Cirilu, 0-20 Ha. Facing south-south/west. Acid clayey sandy soil.

Grapes: 100% Nebbiolo, locally known as Spanna.

Grape-yield per hectare: 6,000 kg Wine-making: manual harvest in crates in early October: Stripping and brief contact on the skins for the first 18/24 hours, then pulping and fermentation at a controlled temperature (20°C). Ageing and bottling: ageing in stainless steel vats for 5 months. Bottling at the end of March. Ageing in glass for two/three months.

Organoleptic characteristics: brilliant intense rosè; intense fresh fragrance with hints of forest fruits . in particular raspberries and strawberries, with considerable persistence of earthy notes suggesting wild flowers. An intense taste of ripe fruit, sharp but well-balanced and harmonious with a hint of tannin that allows this wine to linger.

Food and wine pairings: this wine can be drunk throughout the meal and is the perfect accompaniment for white meat and fish. The sharp taste and the mild tannin content of this wine enhances fried dishes, particularly battered deep-fried vegetables. An excellent match for any pasta dish with a simple tomato sauce. Serving temperature: 12°C. Optimal ageing: this wine is ready for consumption during the first and second year of life

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