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Ceretto - Arneis 2018

Item No.: Ceretto Arneis2018

Minimum order for this article: 6 bottles

Organic Winery 

Colour:  light yellow with light pearling.  

Grape:  LANGHE D.O.C. ARNEIS from Vezza d’Alba, Castagnito, Castellinaldo and Alba

Consist of:   100% Arneis

Profile:  Blangè is the white side of Piedmontese wines; a product that defined an era, revolutionizing Langhe winemaking that was previously devoted exclusively to red grapes.
It is the product of a highly distinctive region, the Roero, and a desire to improve varietal recognition, as well as drinking pleasure. Blangè combines sustainable practices in the vineyard with a modern take. Fruit and minerality, aromatics
and balanced freshness, coexist in this white wine that has made enjoyment and versatility its trademark. 75 hectares and first year of production 1985 

Aroma: apple, pear, and anice mostly present 

Taste:  mineral, fresh citrus

Ook verkrijgbaar:  prijs per email:  

B.Rocche Brunate 1990 Barolo Jeroboam 3L

Barbaresco 1964

Barbaresco 1964 Riserva

Barbaresco 1971

Barolo 1962

Barolo 1965

Barolo 1966

Barolo 1967

Barolo 1970

Bernardina 2015 Nebbiolo d'Alba

Blange' 2017 Arneis delle Langhe BIO

Bricco Asili 1974 Barbaresco Magnum

Bricco Asili 1995 Barbaresco

Bricco Asili Bernardot 1998 Barbaresco

Bricco Rocche 2013 Barolo

Bricco Rocche Bricco Rocche 1995 Barolo

Bricco Rocche Bricco Rocche 1999 Barolo

Bricco Rocche Bricco Rocche 2004 Barolo

Bricco Rocche Brunate 1980 Barolo

Bricco Rocche Brunate 1981 Barolo

Bricco Rocche Brunate 1993 Barolo

Bricco Rocche Brunate 1995 Barolo

Bricco Rocche Brunate 1996 Barolo

Bricco Rocche Brunate 2004 Barolo

Bricco Rocche Prapo' 1977 Barolo

Bricco Rocche Prapo' 1989 Barolo

Bricco Rocche Prapo' 1990 Barolo

Bricco Rocche Prapo' 1993 Barolo

Bricco Rocche Prapo' 1994 Barolo

Bricco Rocche Prapo' 1996 Barolo

Bricco Rocche Prapo' 1999 Barolo

Brunate 2013 Barolo

Brunate Vigneto Zonchetta 1967 Barolo

Brunate Vigneto Zonchetta 1973 Barolo

Grignore' 1974 Barolo

Piana 2015 Barbera d'Alba

Prapo' 2013 Barolo

Vigneto Grignore' Serralunga 1990 Barolo

Villero 1974 Barolo

Zonchera 1994 Barolo

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