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26th March 2019 - Live Presentation with Alto Piemonte Wineries

Item No.: 26thMarchAtoPiemonte
"Live presentation" of the Alto Piemonte region Wineries
Since last year the winery Nervi from Gattinara in the region Alto Piemonte was taken over by Conterno (Langhe) there is a growing interest in the region Alto Piemonte. A few other wineries from Langhe have shown interest to work in this fascinating area. All the more so because it is high time that this region received extra attention. 
Made In Piedmont Wines also strongly believes in this "terroir". The difference between night and day temperature is greater compared to Langhe, the rainy periods are less rare in the growing period of the grape and especially the wines are of high quality for a softer price.
After a previous very successful session in which we proposed four different wineries, we will move up a gear for the next session on 26 March.
One of the wineries - Enrico Crola - has the right event location to ensure through a type of streaming that you will experience the performance in Belgium during our event directly in connection with the cantinas Enrico Crola, Centovigne, Paride Chiovini, Rovellotti, Francesco Brigatti and Cantine del Signore through a telephone conversation as it is on business trip.  These wineries present their own wine, and you can ask them your questions directly, just like you would have a face to face conversation at a wine fair.
Which wines will be discussed:
 Enrico Crola - Spumante Hallè Rosé (welcome wine in anticipation for the early birds until we start the presentation) - very exclusive spumante 
White wine:
 Francesco Brigatti - Mottobello 2017
 Rovellotti - Innominabile 2017
Red wine:
Centovigne -Rosso della Motta 2015
Paride Chiovini - Afrodite - Vespolina 2016
Enrico Crola - Vespolina 2015
Enrico Crola - Nebbiolo delle Colline Novarese 2012
Rovellotti - Valplazza 2015
Francesco Brigatti - Mötziflon
Centovigne - Centovigne 2013
Paride Chiovini 2013 - Sizzano 2013
Cantina del Signora Gattinara 2015
Rovellotti - Chiosi dei Pomi 2012 - Ghemme - Sommelier Wine Choice 2018
After a presentation of the wines without food, a buffet of specialties from the region will be provided and you can taste the wines that have just been served to you.
That's why we provide 12 glasses so that you can place your fans outside the presentation against each other via the folder underneath with the name of the wine and the glass concerned.
Date: 26 March 2019
Location: Lede, Reymeerstraat 47
Timing: 19h30
Participation: 25 € per person.
You will receive a voucher with which you can reduce 15 € per person with each purchase of 100 € of wines per person. This voucher is valid until December 2019. Thus, the real price invested for this event is only the food cost, which is 10 € per person. 
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