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Wine Trip Alto Piemonte 24-25-26 October 2021

Wine tour Alto Piemonte
24 - 25 - 26 October 2021
Alto Piemonte in the picture
Alto Piemonte certainly deserves your attention. In earlier times, this area was more important compared to Barolo, Barbaresco or Roero. But then came Phylloxera. Many vineyard owners left wine growing for what it was and looked for work in Turin (Fiat) or Biella (wool industry). In the last decades, especially young wine producers have a strong belief in their terroir, in the modern techniques of winegrowing with respect for tradition. The difference with Alba is that here you see relatively young enologists-owners of wine estates at work. They are all 300% enthusiastic, aware of their task and how to make the difference compared to Barolo and Barbaresco, take the time to inform the customers about how they started and where they are now.
Let it just be the climate changes that give Alto Piemonte a strong advantage. Summer temperatures of 30 degrees during the day, but a strong cooling down at night. The end result at harvest is quite visible. At the time of our trip, the harvest is already behind us.
These will be intense days of wine culture.
Wine is central, but at every lunch and dinner, we pair wine with a dish. It is also important to know that we will not only be tasting recent vintages but also older vintages at a number of locations.
And above all.... In October, it can still be quite sunny, but that is just not in our control.
Here is a look at our programme.
Dag 1:   Welcome Dinner in Alto Piemonte at Winery Enrico Crola

For those coming with a flight,  the appointment is Terminal 1, Exit 5 - 18h30 on the same platform as where you arrive.

With a distance between the airport and Enrico Crola of about 30/40 minutes, depending on the traffic on Sunday night, we are guaranteed to be at the table by 19h30. The location is fully lit, so the beautiful view remains even at night.

Four -wines with dinner of course with Spumante by Nebbiolo before we sit down, followed by Erbaluce, Vespolina, Nebbiolo and Grappa). 


Cipolla di Cureggio ripiena di salsiccia e toma di Campertogno

Risotto, creste di pollo, jus e santoreggia

Petto d'anatra glassato all'agro e peperoni arrostiti

Crostata all'uvetta, pinoli e mele al caramello salato

You will spend your first and second nights in Cossato, Castellengo, in the dependencies of the Castellengo Castle.

You will arrive at the location around 22h40, check in will be provided. Sleep well and see you tomorrow!

Of course I have already tested this location extensively. 

All beds are approved! 

Day 2 - 25 October - Alto Piemonte, a glimpse of the other mecca of quality wines, Ghemme-Gattinara DOCG focus

Breakfast starts at 8am and ends at 8.45am. We already get an on-site tour of the cantina but we will only taste the wines of this beautiful location in the evening in the recently opened Cascina Foresto.

Francesco Brigatti - our next wine excursion - is a completely different type of enologist compared to Enrico Crola.

We first visit Francesco Brigatti's vineyards Mottobello, Mötfrei and Mötziflon, Ghemme Oltre Il Bosco and also taste the wines on site in his very classical cantina design.

An enormous contrast with Enrico Crola, but contrasts are beautiful. Francesco is the brother-in-law of that other Ghemme producer that we used to share, Rovellotti.

The owner of the Rovellotti winery described Francesco as the man in Alto Piemonte who is strongest in recognising all wines blind, even those from far outside Piemonte. Especially with the Ghemme, Francesco is very strong as a storage wine.

Want to know more about Franscesco Brigatti?

Check online https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mC3UzLnA-hU

In the afternoon, we have lunch at a Wine & Dine location with a very well-known chef for this region. Typical dishes and experiences.  

Who is Paride Chiovini?

Paride Chiovini is a young but very talented wine producer from Sizzano.

He will welcome us with a selection of his wines.

The Athena (Erbaluce), Afrodite (Vespolina) but also back here in Ghemme and Sizzano.

Thanks to his cooperation with Maria Elena, producer of saffron, we get to see a beautiful picture even in the peak season.

Of course, the inner man is also taken care of here and the following will be served during the wine tasting.


Formaggi: Toma di Piode e Gorgonzola DOP

Salumi: Lardo e Salami tipici del territorio

Grissini rustici in abbinamento

From here we go to Gattinara where we have an aperitivo on the most panoramic point of this village with the wine of the same name in red, Il Putto and Borgofranco from Cantina del Signore.

This point has magic with the high tower, the vines and especially the 360 degrees to Gattinara.

You can get acquainted with Cantina del Signore via this video prior to the trip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVzCpvSAz7I.

In the evening we dine in Cascina Foresto, a recently opened restaurant where honest and tasty cuisine is served, using only ingredients from the local produce and prepared by one of the greatest local talents.

Day 3 - 26 October 2021 : Piedmont's top wine producer with ex volcanic and fluvial soil, Podere ai Valloni.

After breakfast leave for the prestigious wine estate Podere ai Valloni, located in the nature reserve Monte Fenera. This is without doubt the most beautiful wine estate of our trip, not only because of its panoramic views but also because of the wines we will taste here, which date back to 2010!  The legendary Boca is produced here, as well as the Gratus and Sass Russ.

Visit the online link of this wine domain on You Tube 

After this we will of course have lunch at Ori Pari in Boca

Menu Ori Pari

Piccola Entreè di Benvenuto
(Small Welcome )
Magatello al Rosa con Salsa Tonnata
(Veal Magatello with Tuna Sauce)
Riso Carnaroli con Porcini Freschi
(Carnaroli Rice with Fresh Porcini)
Punta di Petto di Vitello con Patata Biscotto
(Veal Breast Tip with Potatoes)
Panna Cotta, Salsa al Cioccolato Aromatizzata,
e Gelèe ai Frutti di Bosco
(Panna Cotta, Flavored Chocolate Sauce,
and Gelèe with Berries)


As it is our intention to give as much personal attention as possible to the participants, a maximum of 8 persons is allowed.

Everyone must have a Green Pass (proof of the two vacinations. You may have this on your mobile phone but remember to bring it along on paper as well. What if your battery is dead?)
We will provide a system where your shoes or boots will not get dirty during the visit to the vineyard. 

The flights have to be arranged by the participant himself as we are not sure if some people might want to add extra days onsite, e.g. Shopping in Milan for which buses are present on the spot to possibly supplement your trip with such an activity.  From Malpensa you can still extend your trip with a visit to Milan (every 20 minutes by bus) or Turin (2 hours by bus, every 2 hours by bus).

All costs except the flight are included except your personal consumption outside the lunch & dinners which are already included wine, water, coffee.

This trip is very clear with 100% focus on the authentic wines of Alto Piemonte.  
Everything that is listed in the programme is also included in the budget price per person.
All wines can also be found on our website and can be ordered after the trip.
Rooms are on the basis of a single double bed, of course we calculate your specific price if you participate as a couple

Price per person based on 8 participants in total: € 545.00 VAT included - Registration individually

Attention: with double room - twin or double bed - discounts of up to 50% on the budget room for the 2nd person apply of course 

Extra: only your flight

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Wine Trip Alto Piemonte 24-25-26 October 2021

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