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2 days/1 overnight stay: The other world of Nebbiolo and Monferrato Classics

Item No.: OtherWorld of Nebbiolo
"The Other Nebbiolo World": Alto Piemonte and Monferrato Classics
The advantage of this trip is that you only have one weekend to get to know "the other Nebbiolo".  What are the advantages of "the other Nebbiolo"? Due to climatic changes, a better structure of the grape results in a more beautiful, longer shelf life for your wine cellar.  Moreover, this other Nebbiolo, also less expensive and one can also buy older vintages at lower prices compared to the Langhe valley.
How do we see such a journey where you can travel from Saturday to Sunday, Saturday morning flight where you are already on site at 8.00 am and evening flight where you at 20.45 the engines are started from the plane that brings you back home (Belgium / Netherlands). Of course, you can also leave for Alto Piemonte on Friday afternoon or Friday evening, or you will just return on Monday, morning or late in the afternoon.
To the point outgoing provisional arrival Saturday morning
Depending on Brussels Airlines or Ryanair, you can choose between three formulas: 8h00 or 8h30 - depending on Brussels Airlines or Ryanair
A/self drive - so you rent a car from one of the companies in Malpensa.
B/For those who can call themselves Speedy Gonzales: you are with your own car
C/you get on our private shuttle and get an English speaking guide or a Dutch speaking guide who is present at all cultural places and visits of the wineries. The restaurants experience all intimacy.
On the Road:
8.30 am to 9.15 am - shuttle to first wine estate - Enrico Crola
Arrival at Enrico Crola where you can have breakfast (not yet included in the price) before we go to work. The first action is to explore the vineyard with the enologist, to discuss the work of 4 seasons, why precisely the Nebbiolo of Alto Piemonte makes the difference. Afterwards you will visit the cantina and you will taste the offer of this cantina.  Particularly interesting in terms of price and vintage is the Nebbiolo 2012.
This activity with possible breakfast lasts 2 hours, without an hour and a half.
Concerns a modern built winery with all modern infrastructure but wines still very traditional
10h30 - Shuttle to 2nd wine domain
Francesco Brigatti is only 15 minutes away from Enrico Crola and has two assets: traditional wine production in a highly traditional environment.
Not the most talkative man but still a wine encyclopedia. A family man who, through his passion, provides bread on the shelf, without wanting to pay for the so-called awards...
Here you can taste Nebbiolo of the most traditional variety, preceded by an Erbaluce and a Ghemme that shows you all the values of a top preserving wine.
Time spent here is one to one and a half hours.
Time for lunch: we provide 3 dishes especially an anti pasto and a primo and a dolce with 2 glasses of wine, water seen at almost all wineries you already have cheeses and salame breakfast at the tasting
14h30 - Appointment in Gattinara in the winery Casa del Signore, top gattinara wines with a small but very fine wine cellar. Here too you enter the vineyard and taste not only the Gattinara, but also the Nebbiolo, the rosato of Nebbiolo and the white wine.
16:00 - Time for the culture tank to fill up or to choose for shopping - Perfect "me-time".
18:00 to 19:00 - Check in for a castle domain where you can enjoy all the peace and quiet and an ultimate tasting of top wines from the Biella region together with local products.
7:30 pm: You are free to choose whether you want to have enough for the day, visit a pizzeria or visit a top restaurant in the region, possibly even a Michelin star restaurant.
Day 2: the other Nebbiolo
8:00 am : Breakfast and a delicious "slow life" experience
10.30 am: Visit of the Poderi ai Valloni winery - experience "Boca" for an hour and a half.
12:00: Lunchtime
13h30: Nebbiolo or Barbera
This region, which was once the first region to produce Nebbiolo, also has other varieties such as Lessona, etc... but you can also choose to visit an ultimate domain in Rosignano Monferrato, where the Barbera & Grignolino is the top one, if you drive 1 hour.       
The winery that we present to you excels in its originality. If you choose Monferrato we would also like to schedule lunch near the winery;
Taking into account the formula of more extensive lunch and also very extensive visit to the wine estate (duration 2 hours), this will be the last stage in your 2-day journey.
Price calculated on the basis of 2 persons: 250 € per person
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