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Francesco Brigatti Wine Deal

Item No.: FBwinedeal
Francesco Brigatti

Today we are giving a podium place to Francesco Brigatti, wine domain from Alto PIemonte, more specifically Suno, and because we put this online quite late in the day, this is for 13th & 14th July 2019. 

This introduction wine set consists of 6 bottles: 

How it all started... 

The history of Brigatti's estate began in the early 1900s when Alessandro Brigatti, Francesco's grandfather, the current owner, began planting some vines in addition to cereal cultivation.

The great passion for wine was the motive that prompted Alessandro to look for a suitable piece of land to plant his own vineyard. During his search he came across a gently sloping hill, exposed to the south and with a clayey soil.

"Love at first sight', that's it! He certainly showed a sharp eye, because that place is one of the best hills in the area, also known as MötZiflon.

In such an idyllic place, Alessandro Nebbiolo, Vespolina and Uva Rara began to cultivate, undeniably the three most representative red grape varieties of the Colline Novaresi, the hills in the Novara province where these grapes are mixed to make Mötziflon, the wine named after the vineyard.

Formerly, Mötziflon was sold in the neighboring towns and in small wooden barrels of seven "brenta" barrels ("Brenta" is an ancient unit of measurement corresponding to 50 liters).

Passion is the driving force behind the end result: quality

Driven by a strong passion for viticulture, Luciano, son of Alessandro, takes the helm of the estate at the end of the 50's. He leaves his job as an accountant and invests every penny in the vineyard and the winery.

From there he expanded the vineyards, changed the vine training systems and introduced the innovative practice of green harvesting to select grapes and improve quality. Luciano - the father of Francesco being the current owner, also developed techniques to mature and bottle wine.

Since 1995, the Brigatti's estate is run by Francesco, with a qualification as an oenologist and agronomist. He has chosen to strictly adhere to a family business in order to maintain high quality standards. 

Francesco Brigatti owns 15 hectares of vineyard to which he applies the Integrated Pest Management criteria as an important part of his vision of sustainable agriculture.

The annual total production is 30,000 bottles.

Your introductory package includes 

- 2 bottle Mottobello 2018, white wine, greco novarese which in terms of taste is equal to the Erbaluce 

- 1 bottle of Campazzi 2017, a Barbera from Alto Piemonte region, very surprising.

- 2 bottles of Mötziflon Nebbiolo 2016, blend Nebbiolo, which does not immediately show that this is a blend.

- 1 bottle of Mötfrei Nebbiolo 2016, 100% Nebbiolo, a direct hit 

with 1 set of 2 tasting samples - 2 x 40 ml - Ghemme Oltre Il Bosco 2013, a wine that needs maturation in the cellar.  

Price for this total package is: 90.00 € VAT included and delivered in break-proof packaging. 

96,00 90,00 You Save: 6%
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