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Centovigne's Wine Deal

Item No.: Centovigne Wine Deal
Centovigne, the Cossato winery that we want to offer a platform for today, is located in Cossato, in Alto Piemonte, just a few kilometres from Biella.
What makes this part of the north of Piedmont so special is the great variety of terroir. The region is close to the Alps and the growing season is longer, with greater temperature differences between day and night. Conditions in which finer, more complex aromas can develop better. Precipitation also plays a role. Almost everywhere in Alto Piedmont, alcohol levels rarely reach 13-13.5%, while in the Langhe 14.5-15% is the rule rather than the exception.
The soil varies from sandy to volcanic with parts richer in limestone, metals (iron and aluminium) through glaciers and rivers. Whatever the soil is clear is the Ph that varies there from 7 to as much as 8.8.
What is the content of the package we offer today?
2 x Il Rosa 2018 - Rose wine from the Nebbiolo grape (new label)
1 x Miranda 2018 - White wine based on the Erbaluce
1 x Rosso della Motta 2015 - Red wine, entry Nebbiolo
1 x Centovigne 2013 - Red wine, Nebbiolo
1 x Castellengo 2012 - Red wine, their top wine, a crème de la crème grape Nebbiolo
1 tasting set of 6 wines from Alto Piemonte wine estates,
Price: 100 € including VAT and delivery
110,00 100,00 You Save: 9%
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