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Cantina del Signore - Gattinara's Wine deal

Item No.: GattinaraWinedeal

In the years after the Second World War, the Nervi family owned vineyards in Gattinara and concentrated on the production of wine. Elsa Nervi married Attilio Delsignore, who at the time also produced a wine called Spanna.

The association of the two characteristics gives rise to five hectares of lush vineyards: Permolone, Lurghe Sottomonte, Molsino, Villino.

The resulting wine is of excellent quality, but Attilio is farsighted and, despite the traditions of the two families, decides to focus on aging the wine. In 1960 he bottled under his own name and his Spanna "Nervi-Delsignore" was born. He then enrolled in the vineyard register of the Gattinara Consortium in order to protect the registered designation of origin. In 1973, thanks to the Gattinara DOC 1967, Attilio won the gold medal in the "Vini Pregiati del Piemonte e della Valle D'Aosta" competition organized by Stampa Sera.

After a decade of flourishing activity, he was forced by health problems to cease wine production. The love of the land and the perseverance of his personality will encourage him to continue to produce grapes in the vineyards that still belong to his offspring. Today, the Cantina Delsignore continues this exciting journey, with the dedication and tenacity her founder left her as a legacy.

Top Wine - Gattinara D.O.C.G Il Putto 2015 

An elegant, fine wine produced with great attention to the ripening and selection of the bunches. Only the best vineyards, nestled on the pagan slopes of gattinara are used. A wine with complex and intoxicating scents, the deep ruby red tint satisfies the eye of the viewer, and enhances the harmonious taste of violets and fruit. The label with "Il putto vendemmiatore" is the main theme of the tile decoration on the fifteenth-century facade of the gattinara cathedral on it, which symbolizes the role of grape cultivation in this area since the early Middle Ages

Our topdeal Gattinara today for the price of 87 €, VAT interventions is :  

- 3 bottles of Gattinara D.O.C.G Il Putto 2015

- set of 3 wine tubes with also the other products of this winery namely the Erbaluce di Caluso Riflessi, the Rosato La Grazia and the Nebbiolo Spanna La Crota.

Planning a trip to Piedmont soon?  Be sure to visit this winery with a unique wine cellar that is authentic in its genre.  Nervi from that time would be jealous of this pearl today!   

97,00 87,00 You Save: 10%
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