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Enrico Crola - Spumante Meth Trad Hallè Rosè

Item No.: EnricoCrolaSpum
Enrico Crola

Winemaking method

Hallé Rosé is made with the first of our ripe Nebbiolo grapes so as to preserve the best acidity and the right level of potential alcohol. The Nebbiolo grapes are separated from the stalks, then sent directly to a low-pressure pneumatic press for soft pressing. There follow two hours of maceration directly in the press, with dry ice to keep the temperature as low as possible, which helps preserve Nebbiolo aromas. Skins and juices are in contact only for a few hours, to achieve that unique, delicate antique rose nuance that makes this wine so distinctive in the glass. The must is then filtered from the skins and ferments in steel tanks at controlled temperature.

Second fermentation

Classic Method sparkling wines undergo second fermentation in the bottle (we were the first to produce this type of wine in Northern Piedmont).

Food pairings

Excellent aperitif, but also an interesting alternative to serve throughout a fish or poultry meal.

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